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Cutting Edge Laryngology







25-27 SEPTEMBER 2019





Dear Colleagues,


Laryngology continues to grow as the most exciting branch of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery. There is a universal realisation that the longer living of people all over the planet must be accompanied by healthier living. Best possible speaking, eating and breathing are so fundamental to the aspirations of people everywhere, that there has never been a greater demand for laryngologists. This recognition is reflected too in our being some of the earliest adopters of the most advanced products of medical technology and clinical pathway engineering. So, we do not have to talk up the idea that this conference is “Cutting Edge”, since our members and embedded industrial partners are already intrinsically so.


To advance the cause of those with breathing problems, we present the finest breakthrough science, techniques and stunning new paradigms in airway stenosis. For those with speech problems, we offer in-office pathways to rapidly return people to the lives they wish to lead, as well as an in-depth look at the latest developments in spasmodic dysphonia care. For those with swallowing problems, we offer technology and working practices that can restore them to society. Add to this the latest in laryngeal robotics and AI and we feel we have the “Edgiest” questions all covered.


We continually strive to keep the education, mentorship and friendship the Cutting Edge conference has always delivered a driver for an international laryngology community. You, the attendees and members, are those who are changing the world, and we look forward to doing we what we can in Bonnie Edinburgh to support you and your patients on that journey.


Best Wishes




Martin Birchall 


British Laryngology Association President
Professor of Laryngology, Consultant ENT Surgeon
Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital









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Talking slides > View the talks from the last Cutting Edge Laryngology, held at The Royal College of Surgeons, London in 2016:

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Conference report >  Read the report from the 2016 Conference

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"We all know the larynx is the most enigmatic, fascinating and funkiest organ in the body.

"There are lots of conferences that cover laryngeal disorders and treatments in various ways, but we in the UK look at things differently.  Cutting Edge Laryngology showcases the most up-to-date advances in understanding, diagnosing and managing these conditions, and how to use the very best of new knowledge and technology to get our patients back to their work and lives - breathing, talking and swallowing - as best as we possibly can.

Never less than stimulating and often fun, the Cutting Edge conferences have already inspired hundreds of surgeons, speech pathologists, physicians, scientists and students to question conventional understanding and learn about the best of the 'now' and that which is just on the horizon."

- Martin Birchall, BLA President

BLA Webinar

BLA Webinar: 'Laryngeal Sequelae of COVID-19: What have we learnt six months on?
BLA Members and fully registered participants can access the full webinar on-demand here