Dr Alessandro de Alarcon

Alessandro de Alarcón, MD, MPH is the Director of the Center for Pediatric Voice Disorders, Medical Director of the Complex Airway Unit and an integral member of the Aerodigestive and Esophageal Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. 

He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Cincinnati and at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  His expertise is in pediatric voice disorders and airway reconstruction.  He treats all aspects of pediatric otolaryngology and has subspecialty expertise in patients with airway/voice, sinus, and swallowing issues. 

His research interests include post airway reconstruction dysphonia, high speed video endoscopy, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, and outcomes research.  He is a prolific academic surgeon who has published over 56 articles and chapters in national/international journal and books. 

He is a bilingual international lecturer and has presented throughout the world on the topics of airway reconstruction and voice disorders in children.