6th Manchester Fresh Frozen Cadaver Laser Laryngeal & Airway Surgery Course

Yakubu Karagama (Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) is delighted to invite ENT surgeons for training in laser techniques to be held at the University of Manchester Medical School. Otolaryngologists wanting to acquire training in laser laryngeal surgery and airway surgeries will benet from working closely over two days with globally renowned surgeons for enhanced surgical application

Thursday 12th September - Lectures

08.00 Coffee & Registration
Chair: Yakubu Karagama
08:20 Introduction Yakubu Karagama 10 min
08:30 Laser Physics Carl Elias 20 min
08:50 Basics of Laser surgery , microlaryngoscopy & instrumentation Mark Watson 30 min
09:20 Sulcus vocalis and Scars- Management options Nick Gibbins 20 min
09:40 Anaesthesia in airway surgery Kirsty Maclennan 20 min
10.00 Set-up airway service. What do I need? Kishore Sandu 20 min
10:20 Coffee Break 10 min
Chair: Mark Watson
10.30 CO2 Laser Partial arytenoidectomy in bil Abductor vocal palsy Yakubu Karagama 20 min
10.50 CO2 Laser TA myoneurectomy for Spasmodic dysphonia. How to avoid recurrence! Domingos Tsuji 30 min
11.20 Endoscopic treatment in Laryngotracheal stenosis Kishore Sandu 20 min
11.40 Posterior glottic stenosis- Aetiology, diagnosis & treatment options Kishore Sandu 20 min
12.00 CO2 Laser Glottoplasty for pitch raising Ahmed Geneid 20 min
12:20 Laser applications in transoral Robotic surgery Asit Arora 20 min
12.40 Lunch
13.30 Dissection Part 1. Demonstration & Hands-on 3 hours
Microlaryngogoscopy and laser set up, Microflap, Cordotomy, Cordectomy Mark Watson
CO2 Laser Glottoplasty Ahmed Geneid
Laser Thyroarytenoid myoneurectomy Domingos Tsuji
Laser Partial arytenoidectomy Yakubu Karagama
Laser & Balloon dilatation subglottic stenosis Kishore Sandu
16:30 Coffee Break 20 min
Chair: Yakubu Karagama
16:50 Faculty round table, Video cases, discussions. Delegates are free to bring cases for discussion 40 min
17:30 Q&A Yakubu Karagama 30 min
18:00 Close
Course Dinner 19.00. Zouk Restaurant, Unit 5 The Quadrant, Chester Street, Manchester. M1 5QS. Tel 0161 233 1090

Friday 13th September - Lectures
08:00 Coffee
Chair: Kishore Sandu
08:20 RRP surgery: KTP vs CO2 laser, Coblation, Microdebrider Yakubu Karagama 20 min
08.40 Blue laser Office procedure- set up Yakubu Karagama 10 min
08.50 Laser Pharyngeal pouch cricopharyngeal myotomy Mark Watson 20 min
09.00 Laryngomalacia- Laser vs cold steel applications Neil Bateman 15 min
09.15 Coblation in Paediatric RRP Neil Bateman 15 min
09.30 Cricotracheal resection Kishore Sandu 30 min
10:00 Laryngotracheal Reconstruction & Rib cartilage harvest Gavin Morrison 20 min
10.20 Coffee break 10 mins
10.30 Dissection Part 2. Demonstration & Hands-on 2 hours
Laser Cricopharyngeal myotomy Mark Watson
CO2 Laser management of laryngomalacia ary-epiglotopexy, epiglotopexy Neil Bateman
Blue laser demonstration Yakubu Karagama
12.30 Lunch
13:30 Dissection Part 3. Demonstration & Hands-on 3.5 hours
Laryngo-tracheal reconstruction & rib cartilage harvest Gavin Morrison
Cricotracheal resection Kishore Sandu
16:00 Coffee 15 min
16.15 Dissection continue 75 min
17.30 Q&A, Evaluation form and certificates Yakubu Karagama 30 min
18:00 Close

Thursday, 12 September, 2019 to Friday, 13 September, 2019
Manchester Surgical Skills & Simulation Centre The University of Manchester Medical School Stopford Building Oxford Road Manchester

The Emergency Airway Course

Postponed until further notice
The Emergency Airway - Front of Neck Access (ENT UK 7 CPD points)
30th March 2020 - The Royal College of Surgeons, London