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David Howard Prize

The David Howard Prize is awarded by the BLA each year, and is granted at the BLA's Cutting Edge Laryngology and Annual conferences.

Prize winners include:


Cutting Edge Laryngology 2019, 25-27 September 2019, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Best Oral Presentation

"Tissue engineering the upper airway mucosal lining"

Nick HamiltonUniversity College London

Best Poster Presentation

"A high-fidelity, fully imersive airway fire simulation for ENT Trainees"

Ciaran Walsh, University Hospital Aintree


Best Oral Presentation

BLA Short Paper Sessions, European Laryngological Society Congress 2018, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

"Laryngeal distribution of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in a previously untreated cohort"

Gregory Dion, New York University, USA


Best Oral Presentation:
A 6 year retrospective review of 97 adolescent patients seen in a tertiary referral voice clinic
Anya Selwyn, University Hospital, Lewisham

Best Poster Presentation:
Transnasal oesophagoscopy: diagnostic and management experience of in 490 patients with various upper aerodigestive complaints
Shaden Al Riyami, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle


Best Oral Presentation: 
Chronic neurostimulation for treatment of age related laryngeal muscular atrophy
Markus Gugatschka,  Medical University Graz, Austria  

Best Poster:
Perioperative complications of Type II Thyroplasty
Kenji Mizoguchi, Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine 


Best Oral Presentation: Samantha Holmes

Best Poster Presentation: Jason Powell


Best Oral Presentation in Laryngology: Jonathan Fishman

Best Oral Presentation in Speech and Language: Jennifer Craig


Best Poster Presentation: Chaitanya Gadepalli

Best Oral Presentation: Amanda Domer


Best Poster Presentation: Nupur Nerurkar

Best Oral Presentation: Tanya Meyer


Best Poster Presentation: Raul Cetto

Best Oral Presentation: Sally Kamal










BLA Webinar

BLA Webinar: 'Laryngeal Sequelae of COVID-19: What have we learnt six months on?
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