The BLA is the UK's leading authority on diseases of the throat. It is a recognised forum for research and debate for medical professionals, a recognised source of expert opinion, and the place where the general public will go for direction and expertise. 

Membership is open to all medical, scientific and health-focussed professionals interested in diseases of the throat.

Members of the BLA will receive the following benefits:

  • Discounts to attend the annual BLA Conference and every other year discounts to attend the BLA’s flagship event “Cutting Edge Laryngology”
  • Discounts on other events and study days organised by the BLA
  • Discount to attend the European Laryngological Society Meeting held every 2 years
  • Access to Talking Slides and other educational material and resources available online free of charge


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Join a recognised society which will

  • Provide access to information for both practitioners and the public
  • Be the recognised centre for training, education and research
  • Become a recognised accrediting body
  • Raise the standards of care for all patients
  • Communicate actively to all stakeholder groups and provide a channel for feedback and knowledge
  • Raise awareness of prevention and treatment among medical professionals, the public and government


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The Emergency Airway Course

Postponed until further notice
The Emergency Airway - Front of Neck Access (ENT UK 7 CPD points)
30th March 2020 - The Royal College of Surgeons, London