Launch of the British Laryngological Association

The BLA is a brand new membership society which aims to achieve advancement in laryngology through research, education and training for the benefit of the public. 

The registered charity aims to promote all medical, surgical and rehabilitative aspects of laryngology and hold meetings at which those interested in laryngology may meet, discuss clinical practice and present clinical and basic scientific research.   

President of the BLA, David Howard, Professor of Head & Neck Oncology at Imperial College and Imperial NHS Trust Hospitals, said, 

“We set about launching the BLA in 2011 after recognising that there wasn’t a society in the UK which worked solely in the support of laryngology. After setting up the Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference, which has just held its second successful event in Kuala Lumpur, the next step was to set up an association whose aim is to educate professionals for the benefit of the public.”

The BLA will be accepting membership applications from qualified and trainee ENT surgeons with an interest in laryngology. Applications will also be invited from international surgeons and from speech and voice professionals who would like to join as an associate member.

The first full annual general meeting of the BLA will take place at the first annual conference on 5 December 2012 in London. 

Thank you to founding corporate partners Acclarent, Merz, Olympus and PENTAX Medical, for assisting in the setup of the organisation.


Media Contact

Sarah Garry
Association Manager
British Laryngological Association

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7383 8042

Notes for Editors

  1. The British Laryngological Association website is
  2. The founding executive committee are David Howard (President), Yakubu Karagama (Secretary), Guri Sandhu and Martin Birchill.
  3. Membership applications will be accepted in the following categories:
    1. Full Member £75 p.a.
    2. Associate Member £30 p.a.
    3. Overseas Member £30 p.a.
    4. Trainee Member £25 p.a
  4. The First Annual British Laryngological Association Conference and General Meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine on Wednesday 5 December 2012
  5. Acclarent is a medical technology company dedicated to designing, developing and commercializing devices that address conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat.
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  6. Merz Global Voice Business. RADIESSE Voice (Calcium Hydroxylapatite - CaHA) is an injectable implant containing synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres with a diameter range of 25 to 45 µm, suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. These consistently shaped and sized particles have proven safe and biocompatible while allowing gradual tissue growth for a long lasting augmentation shown to be effective up to 12 months or longer in many patients. RADIESSE Voice is convenient to use without preparation or mixing and comes with an easy-to-use needle.
  7. Since Olympus was founded in Japan in 1919, it has become a leading manufacturer of innovative optical and digital equipment for the healthcare sector. For over 90 years we have lead the way in precise and reliable performance of endoscopy products. Olympus Medical is proudly committed to advances in Laryngeal Endoscopy and is always at the forefront of new technology in the field.
    We look forward to introducing you to the importance of Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) in detecting and identifying key characteristics in suspicious lesions. We intend to showcase the latest Olympus NBI technology at the upcoming British Laryngological Association conference in December 2012
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