Update on the current shortage of silicone Paediatric Tracheostomy Tubes

Due to a raw material shortage, production of the entire range of Smiths Bivona® paediatric tracheostomy products was temporarily paused in February 2022. The production has restarted but the full recovery to pre-disruption levels is not expected until Q1 2023, NHS Supply Chain continues to provide stock updates via this Important Customer Notice.  

In February 2022 an expert working group with representatives from the National Tracheostomy Safety Project and the British Association of Paediatric Otolaryngology published the Bivona Paediatric Tracheostomy Risk Stratification Tool. Representatives from the British Laryngological Association have now joined this group working to co-author this updated version of the tool and to produce a detailed list of alternative devices. The expert working group has also produced an example patient letter that outlines the situation and the approaches that are being taken to respond to the shortages. It is important that affected families and their carers are engaged with and involved in any clinical decisions taken as a result of this issue.