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Massachusetts General Hospital Fellowship 2018-19 (USA)

The Massachusetts General Hospital is currently seeking applicants for its clinical post-residency Laryngeal Surgery Fellowship Program for 2018-2019.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the post-residency program. The majority of  trainees have pursued academic positions, although aspiring to an academic career is not a prerequisite. Institutions where graduates have taken positions include Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Emory, Cleveland Clinic, University of Wisconsin, Case Western, Boston Children's Hospital, University of Miami, and McGill University. The two most recent June graduates are now at New York University and University of Chicago.

The fellowship training covers all aspects of laryngeal surgery, voice disorders, and management of the professional voice. The fellows receive an especially comprehensive experience in the management of glottic cancer/dysplasia, RRP, vocal cord paralysis, stenosis, and voice problems in singers. There is extensive exposure to the latest office-based procedures as well as transoral and transcervical surgical techniques in the operating room. The fellows participate in clinical management of voice disorders and clinical research as a member of a multidisciplinary team (voice scientists and speech pathologists) that has access to state-of the-art voice clinic and surgical engineering laboratory facilities.

Residents interested in pursuing a career in laryngology after residency with a focus on innovative techniques in laryngeal surgery may contact Steven M. Zeitels, M.D. / James A. Burns, M.D. Please be aware that interviews are taking place now.  Candidates are selected on a rolling basis.

In recognition of the increasing financial pressures of most trainees, we have set the annual salary to $110,000. Residents may also want to meet in person at the Academy meeting in San Diego.

Please contact Dr Zeitels at TPETRONCHAK@MGH.HARVARD.EDU 
or (001) 617-726-0210