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Grant Applications

A number of grants are available to further your training both in the UK and abroad. They can be used for educational visits to departments, short and long-term fellowships and research. If you would like the BLA to advertise a grant, please contact us.

Royal Society of Medicine

Laryngology & rhinology section: research prize
Submission deadline: Friday 14 April 2017
Prize: Up to £1,250 and enables the winner to attend a meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in the USA.
Open to: UK registrars and senior registrars in otolaryngology and consultants within one year of appointment.
To enter this prize please submit for assessment your three best publications from the last five years together with a CV.
For more information, contact:  

Laryngology & rhinology section: short paper and poster prize
Submission deadline: Friday 2 December 2016
Meeting date: Friday 3 February 2017
Prize: To be confirmed
Open to: All trainees and consultants within 2 years of appointment in the UK or Republic of Eire.
Abstracts are invited of no more than 150 words and should be structured. Key words are used to index the article.   Abstracts chosen for oral presentation will have the option of being published in the online version of the JLO and the overall winner has the option of their whole paper being printed. Abstracts must comply with JLO guidelines. Papers not selected for oral presentation may be chosen for a poster presentation.
For full information please visit the Journal of Laryngology and or contact:  

Laryngology & rhinology travel and equipment grants
Submission deadline: Friday 14 April 2017
Prize: Up to £1,000 
Open to: Trainees and consultants
Applicants are asked to submit a proposal that details the centre to be visited or the equipment required in no more than 600 words, a current CV (for the travel grant - a confirmation letter stating that the centre you are visiting would be willing to participate is also required.) The travel grant is for short-term visits only. For both travel and equipment awards the selection committee will be looking for 'originality of purpose'.
For more information, contact:  

Journal of Laryngology and Otology Travelling and Research Scholarships

The JLO grants are not specific to laryngology per se, but can be used to fund both research and trips to other departments.

The Journal offers two Scholarships each year; one for travel and one for research. These will normally be advertised in November and December of each year. Each applicant must have held the final qualifying examination in his/her country for two years and must be in the later stages of training. Applicants are expected to have been subscribers to the JLO for a minimum of one year.

For Travelling Fellowships, candidates are asked to submit a current CV and write up to 1,000 words describing why they wish to travel and which aspects of otolaryngology they wish to study. The itinerary for travel should be agreed and the appropriate leave of absence from their training programme should either have been granted or approved in principle. The application must be accompanied by documentation from the host department confirming acceptance and the duration and nature of the training to be offered. A report of the Fellowship will be published in the Journal.

To apply for Research Scholarships, available for pump priming of research in Otolaryngology and its allied sciences, prospective candidates will be required to provide a CV with a letter of support from their supervisor, and the outline of the project to be undertaken together with evidence of local Ethical Committee approval where appropriate and details of any other sources of financial assistance that have been agreed.

It is a condition of award that papers eminating from the research will normally be offered to the Journal of Laryngology and Otology for publication. At the termination of the agreed period of study successful applicants will also be asked to provide a summary of the outcome of their project for the trustees.

Further information on the JLO Fellowships and Scholarships, and an application form can be found on the website.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England
A number of grants are available through the RCSEng:

Travel grant information is available on the RCSEng website. 

Research grant information is available on the RCSEng website.

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
A number of travel and small research grants are available from the RCSEd.

Information on both research and travel grants is available on the RCSEd website


Scottish Otolaryngological Society: The Guthrie Fund
This fund is primarily used for educational purposes. Any member of the Society may apply for funding, to be put towards a project's costs.

Further information and an application form can be found on the website:

British Association of Head & Neck Oncologists
BAHNO offers a Travelling Scholarship to help fund a visit for training experience, for members of BAHNO in a UK specialist training programme, to an institution in the UK or abroad.

An application can be submitted at any time before the 31st December each year. This will be acknowledged and is considered by Council at their Feb/March meeting. The result is announced at the AGM in April. A condition of the award is that the Travelling Scholar should produce a short written report of their visit for Council, and a brief verbal report at the AGM if requested.

The Association will make available research bursaries that will typically be between £1000-£2000, although in exceptional circumstances an award of up to £4000 may be made on the recommendation of the research committee. In order to qualify, Applicants must work within or in association with a Head & Neck Cancer Centre or Unit within the UK. The research must be of relevance to head & neck oncology. The primary aim is to support small self-contained projects, where major funding awards are unlikely to be considered.

All applicants must be members of BAHNO (Full, Associate, Overseas or Affiliate) at the time of application. Applications will be accepted only during November and December each year and the closing date for receipt of applications will be 31st December each year.

Award holders will be required to provide a written update of their work on an annual basis, and a detailed report on completion. They may be required to present their work, either, as a poster or oral presentation at the annual scientific meeting in the year following completion. A summary outlining how the money has been spent must be sent to the secretariat.

Further information and an application form can be found on the BAHNO website.






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